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Q:What subjects will I be tested for on the examination?

A:Please see ABPS Document 500, "Examination Blueprints (PDF)," which describes the areas tested based on the examination being taken. Also see ABPS Documents Library.

Q:Where are the testing sites?

A:We offer 200 testing sites nationwide.

Q:What are the testing sites like?

A:All Pearson VUE test centers, regardless of type, are designed to provide a consistent, standardized testing experience in a quiet, distraction-free environment that promotes peak test taker performance. All centers are designed to provide candidates with the most comfort possible during the examination process. Testing rooms are separate from the registration, screening, and score reporting rooms so that candidates are not distracted by other activity occurring at the center.

Q:What do I do if I have lost my password?

A:For password issues, please call ABPS at 415-553-7800.

Q:What kind of cases do I need to become Board Qualified and what type of case documentation is required?

A:Board Qualification candidates must submit their residency case logs through Podiatry Residency Resource (PRR). For detailed explanation of content of procedures to be logged and the administrative requirements for logging them, please carefully read ABPS Document 110, ABPS Document 220, and ABPS Document 210. See ABPS Documents Library.

Q:How do I prepare for an examination?

A:The best preparation is to review textbooks and recent journals. We have a practice test available to get a sense of the types of questions that appear on our examinations. For more information see our study guide (Document 110).

Q:Is there a board review course I can take?

A:Review courses can be found online. However, ABPS does not endorse or recommend any particular course.

Q:What is the difference between the Self-Assessment examination and the Recertification examination?

A:The Self-Assessment examination only applies to diplomates certified prior to 1991. For detailed information, see ABPS Document 111 and ABPS Document 112. See ABPS Documents Library.

Q:I certified after 1990. How often do I recertify?

A:Every ten years. To give you adequate opportunities to recertify before your certification expires, you have a three year window in which to pass the examination. You may take the examination in the eighth, ninth, or tenth year following your initial certification and similarly every ten years. For information about applying for recertification, please see ABPS Document 112 (recertification). See ABPS Documents Library.

Q:I certified before 1991. Do I have to recertify?

A:No, but you must successfully complete the Self-Assessment process every ten years to maintain board certification. Please see ABPS Document 111 for more information. See ABPS Documents Library.

Q:How do I change my ABPS status?

A:Any questions regarding a change of status with ABPS can be directly addressed to Debbie Dottin at 415-553-7803.

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