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Q:What is the difference between Board Qualified and Board Certified?

A:Board Qualified status indicates that a podiatric surgeon has passed the written examination for certification in Foot Surgery or Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery. Individuals who are Board Qualified are not members of ABPS but are considered to be "in progress." Board Qualified surgeons may not promote their status on letterhead, publications, or other advertisements.

Board Certified status indicates that a podiatric surgeon has completed written and oral examinations along with appropriate residency and case requirements. Board Certified podiatric surgeons are members of ABPS and may promote their status on letterhead, publications, or other advertisements. For detailed information, see: pathway to certification.

Q:How long does Board Qualified status last?

A:It lasts seven years from the time you pass the examination.

Q:How do I prepare for an examination?

A:The best preparation is to review textbooks and recent journals. We have a practice test available to get a sense of the types of questions that appear on our examinations. For more information see our study guide (Document 420).

Review courses can be found online. However, ABPS does not endorse or recommend any particular course.

Q:When can I apply for an examination?

A:You may go to the dates and deadlines section of our website to find the current dates for examinations. Review appropriate ABPS documents for eligibility requirements.

Q:How do I apply for an examination?

A:Please start by reading through the documentation for the examination you will be taking. The ABPS documents are the definitive source of information for each examination. It is imperative that prospective candidates familiarize themselves with the relevant documents before beginning the on-line application process. The documents contain the specific requirements and step-by-step instructions to apply for an examination. To download and read the documents, go to the documents library section of our website.

Once you have read the documents and completed any necessary steps, you can apply for an examination online using your ABPS ID and password.

Q:I took the Board Qualified (or Board Certified) examination last year and didn't pass. How do I re-apply for the examination?

A:From your "My Account" page, go to the "My Tasks" menu option then select "Apply for an Exam."

Q:Why don't the oral examinations appear when I select "Apply for an Exam?"

A:You must enter all of the required cases before the oral examination options will appear. Please note: Once your cases have been entered and your payment has been made, you cannot alter your case list.

Q:When I am applying, do I have to enter all my cases at once?

A:It doesn't matter how many you enter at one sitting, however you will not be able to submit your cases until your list is complete.

Q:Is a paper application available?

A:No, the application is completed and submitted online.

Q:What is computer adaptive testing?

A:A computer adaptive test is a computer-based examination which is automatically tailored to the ability level of the individual examinee. As each question is answered, the computer assesses the response and selects the next question based on whether the previous answer was right or wrong. Questions become progressively more or less difficult as the program assesses and establishes your ability level. The difficulty level of each question is determined by the question's statistical performance in ABPS examinations. Computer adaptive testing is graded on the level of difficulty achieved, not on the number of correct answers. Adaptive testing uses a large pool of questions and your set of questions will be unique to you.

Q:If I purposefully miss answers, will my exam be easier?

A:Answering questions incorrectly will result in an easier examination. However, since the examination is graded on difficulty, not percentage of correct answers, purposefully answering questions incorrectly will result in a lower score. To pass the examination, you must answer every question to the best of your ability.

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