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Credentialer FAQ's

Q:What is the difference between Board Qualified and Board Certified?

A:Board Qualified status indicates that a podiatric surgeon has passed the written examination for certification in Foot Surgery or Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery.

Individuals who are Board Qualified are not members of ABPS, but are considered to be "in progress." Board Qualified surgeons may not promote their status on letterhead, publications, or other advertisements.

Board Certified status indicates that a podiatric surgeon has completed written and oral examinations along with appropriate residency and case requirements. Board Certified podiatric surgeons are members of ABPS and may promote their status on letterhead, publications, or other advertisements. For detailed information, see: Pathway to Certification.

Q:How do I become a subscriber to ABPS online verifications?

A:To get started with on-line verifications, you will need an account ID and password. Simply call 415-553-7800 or email us at Your ID and password will be emailed to you.

Q:How do I prepay for verifications?

A:You fill out the Prepayment Order Form and mail it to ABPS with your check. You prepay for verifications in blocks of $400. This pays for 16 verifications.

Q:How do I begin a verification?

A:The on-line verification system requires that you log in first. Once logged in, you will be automatically routed to the first step of the verification process. You may log in from our home page.

Q:Who do I contact with questions or problems?

A:You can call the ABPS office at 415-553-7800 and select verifications, or call the Verifications Manager directly at 415-553-7800 x125. You can also email us at

Public FAQ's

Q:What is a podiatric surgeon?

A:Podiatric Surgeons specialize in foot and ankle surgery. They are the surgical specialists of the podiatric profession. Foot and ankle surgeons provide complete medical and surgical care for a variety of problems that affect people of every age.



Q:Why is board certification important to patients?

A:ABPS protects patients by advancing the art and science of podiatric surgery. Our certification ensures that ABPS-certified surgeons have completed appropriate training, successfully performed a diverse range of podiatric surgical procedures, and passed our extensive written and oral examinations.

Q:What kind of training is required to become board certified by ABPS today?

A:Certified surgeons must graduate from an accredited four year podiatric medical school and complete residency training at a program approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. They must also have four years of post-doctoral clinical experience and present a diverse mix of documented cases for review by the ABPS Credentials Committee.

Q:How do I find an ABPS certified podiatric surgeon in my area?

A:Any doctor who appears in our database has been certified. We have thousands of members across North America. To locate a certified podiatric surgeon in your area, go to Locate a Member.

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